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Escalating problem

Most businesses struggle to protect their business payments, which can result in severe financial losses.

Lost on business email compromise between 2013-2022
Of enterprise companies were hit by B2B payment fraud attacks and attempts in 2023

Trustmi is the world’s only end-to-end security platform to help businesses send their payments to the right place with no mistakes.

Trustmi Platform Benefits
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Connect the dots with data

Our solution takes a holistic approach to payment security by connecting information and activity across all your siloed systems. We capture a full view of your payment data flow and analyze hundreds of data points to uncover vulnerabilities and eliminate threats.

Connect the dots with data

A rapid road
to value

We take a highly quantitative approach to preventing payment losses to deliver immediate value to our customers. We can set up, calibrate, and deploy our platform within one week to start protecting your payments at lightning speed.

Rapid Road to Value

Your process,
your way

Our flexible solution layers seamlessly onto your existing systems and folds easily into your current process to boost efficiency and reduce manual work. You’ll have full control so you can run your payment process your way without any changes or interruptions.

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Your partner
for winning

We’re not just a platform, we’re a partner. Our team has deep expertise and experience in all aspects of cybersecurity, fintech, and payments tech, and we combine best practices from all these disciplines to create our unique approach to securing your business payments and supporting your success.

Trustmi Winning Platform Rocketship

Wayne Lawrence

SVP, Data Platforms- Global Information Technology

“Trustmi provided transparency into our payment process to see where cyberattacks and errors were happening and full protection without changing our workflow."

Assaf Rappaport

Co-founder and CEO, Wiz

"The Trustmi team identified an important challenge for businesses everywhere to address. They’ve built the right product to solve the problems associated with payment security, which is why they stand out in the space."

Alex Schuchman

CISO, Colgate-Palmolive

"The security assessment that the Trustmi team provided was comprehensive, and we received it in less than two week. They delivered strong detection and analytics capabilities as well as deep analysis of our Order to Cash process."

Jeff Moore

CISO, Fortune 500 Company

"Payment fraud has become a steadily increasing problem that needs to be addressed by all businesses. Trustmi is unique in that it provides a platform that isn’t just a security product, but also a finance product to protect the organization, which is why I believe it’s the best solution for us"

A new approach
to payment security

Our platform protects the end-to-end business payment process from all threats, internal and external, across the entire payment flow making sure payments go to the right place seamlessly.

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