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There’s a problem with B2B payments. Over $32 billion dollars was lost to business payment fraud in 2020 and 78% of enterprise businesses were affected. B2B payment processes at large companies involve many steps to get payments sent to the right vendor. But the process is fraught with risk and is susceptible to fraud and errors, particularly threat actors looking to divert these payments and steal the funds. But how does this happen?The current process enterprises have in place for paying vendors is complicated.

There are too many silo'ed systems and people involved, the processes are manual and there’s no visibility, which makes verification of vendors impossible and there are so many other difficulties. Simply put, B2B payments are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. From tampering with vendor files to creating fraudulent bank accounts, threat actors have many cunning ways of inserting themselves into the payment process in order to keep funds from going to the right place.

Trustmi is the world’s only end-to-end security platform to help businesses send their payments to the right place with no mistakes.

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