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Supply Chain Management

Streamline and Secure your Supply Chain with Trustmi

Traditional supply chain management is siloed and inefficient, leaving organizations exposed to cyberattacks, fraud, and human errors.
lost to supply chain attacks in Q2 of 2023 alone
of supply chain incidents occur after vendor onboarding
There are many different stakeholders involved in vendor management, and there is no single source of truth to provide full visibility and efficiency.  Also, stakeholders are placing more importance on many aspects of vendor management, including legal, privacy, compliance, and ESG initiatives.
Supply chain relationships change over time, especially after vendor onboarding. Most companies primarily focus on the risks related to vendor onboarding, however, they end up more exposed to supply chain attacks and problems later.
Furthermore, as businesses embrace digital transformation, vendor management involves various digital systems and verification processes that increase complexity while still requiring manual work and human intervention. Vendor management is highly vulnerable and is a problem area for many businesses.

Trustmi Supplies You with Peace of Mind

Trustmi is a comprehensive solution that offers real-time protection for your entire vendor lifecycle.
  • Bridging
    the Silos
    Connect the stakeholders and streamline activities to enforce processes.
  • Integration with
    no headaches
    Integrate AI-powered tech without creating extra work.
  • Automation
    made easy
    Replace resource-heavy, manual processes with automation.
  • Your business,
    your way
    Customize vendor workflows to fit your needs.
  • Replace the call-back procedure
    Transform vulnerable processes with fully secured bank account validation.
  • Proactive change detection
    Be alerted of critical changes in vendor relationships.
  • One source
    of truth
    Have a centralized and trusted place for all vendor data.
  • Fast Security Response
    Enjoy rapid, on-demand response to security threats and supply chain issues.
  • Continuous
    sanction checks
    Replace annual checks and enforce compliance in real time.