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B2B payments are complex, involving numerous vendors, invoices, and communication channels, all tied to disjointed systems and multiple intricate steps.
This is why B2B payments are highly vulnerable to fraud and errors​.

The losses are big, and risks are growing


Enterprise companies were hit by B2B payment fraud attacks and attempts in 2023


Company budgets are lost to financial errors every year

OIG audit reveales lack of data sharing led to $128M in duplicate payments by Medicare, VA.

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$247 billion lost to Federal Payment Errors, Known As Improper Payments, in FY 2022.

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Why Are Business Payments Hard?

Finance processes are outdated and impossible to maintain in their current state.
Inefficient finance systems waste precious time and resources.
Implementing modernized finance software platforms is difficult.
The month-end close process is more daunting than ever.
Data is managed in a complex matrix of spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain.
Finance systems are siloed with poor integration leading
to more manual effort.
Every company is migrating core systems and adding new tools to meet the ever-growing business needs and address finance department challenges.

Why Address Business Payment Challenges Now?

Companies today demand that all teams show ROI.

Businesses expect faster payments and better processes with a smaller budget.
Companies have become more risk-averse and must avoid costs related to human error in payments.
Fraud has become a significant concern and is getting worse with the rise of generative AI.
Auditing and compliance are critical requirements that generate a high overhead cost.
The amount of manual work has grown beyond what any team or individual can handle.
By pushing for more automation, companies have created more risks and vulnerabilities around payments.

The Trustmi

The Trustmi

Trustmi protects your organization’s funds from cyberattacks, internal collusion, and human errors.
The foundation of our approach is built on visibility and simplicity. We connect all the dots across
the entire payment process seamlessly, without changes to your business process.
Boost efficiency with a modern and automated payment cycle approval flow and avoid mistakes.
Secure and validate vendor financial documents and updates with our AI and Trust Network.
Eliminate duplicate payments and human errors ensuring your payments go to the right place for the right amount at the right time.
Enjoy automation that reduces the manual effort involved in vendor creation and change processes.
Fraud Prevention.
Uncover vulnerabilities, identify attacks, catch errors, and protect your organization’s funds.
Sanctions and Compliance.
Meet compliance requirements, detect violations, and simplify audit preparations.
Trustmi was featured in

2023 Strategic Treasurer Report

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