Trustmi’s Modules

Vendor Onboarding

An easy and streamlined solution for securely signing up new vendors

Most companies have tools to onboard vendors and automate their processes, but that is not enough.
The problem is that these tools do not address the security challenges that exist today. A typical vendor onboarding process involves a vendor sending legal and financial documents to the organization, and the organization manually validating the data before the vendor is paid. However, the entire onboarding flow is vulnerable at every step.
The vendor onboarding process is cumbersome and requires the involvement of different departments within the organization as well as outside vendors, making it prone to human error, internal collusion, and cyberattacks.

Get Onboard with The Trustmi Way

Our solution transforms vendor onboarding within the procure-to-pay process to remove the labor-intensive work that can result in errors and to protect vendor information from fraudsters.
  • Secure payments seamlessly
    Incorporate security controls and validate vendor files and data at each step within the vendor lifecycle.
  • Automation
    made easy
    Replace resource-heavy, manual processes with an efficient, automated approach.
  • Customizable workflowsConfigure vendor onboarding workflows your way so it aligns with
    your unique process.
  • Streamlined change processesReplace a vulnerable and manual change process with fully secured bank account validation.
  • Bridging
    the Silos
    Enable collaboration between departments and enforce the organization’s process across all stages.
  • Personalized
    vendor portal
    Leverage a tailored self-service platform that streamlines vendor enrollment and fully validates vendor payment details and files.
  • Integration with
    no headaches
    Integrate our AI-powered tech into your existing systems without creating extra work for internal teams.
  • Continuous
    sanction checks
    Remain compliant and vigilant with our automated and real-time sanction validations that safeguard your operations against regulatory risk.
Our solution will help your team adopt a secure, efficient, and error-free vendor onboarding and procurement process.