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Full Payment Security
with Tmark

Always be on the mark with comprehensive protection against fraud.

lost to BEC between 2013-2022.
of enterprise companies were hit by b2b payment fraud attacks and attempts in 2023
Business email compromise (BEC) is one of the fastest growing attack vectors, costing organizations billions of dollars in losses, and no organization is safe.
Hits the Marks Against BEC
Take the next step in protecting your business payments by deploying Trustmi Tmark.
Quick and easy to install, Tmark enhances your organization’s security, allowing you to identify and prevent BEC for you, your customers, and your suppliers.
Protect your customers from business payment fraud.
Detect account takeover and other suspicious activities within the email flow.
Detect compromised inboxes and protect your payment process from BEC.
Preemptively identify fraudsters impersonating you through the Trust network.
Protect the organization from attacks by insider threats.

Why Tmark

By deploying Tmark, organizations gain the security benefits of our Trust Network and receive a Trustmi Vendor Certificate for onboarding.
Get paid Faster – Trusted vendor invoices are handled first
Secure email communication with customers and suppliers
Become part of the Trust network to avoid manual work and safely onboard
Protect company funds and eliminate B2B Fraud risk
Receive full visibility