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Auditing and financial regulations are crucial to helping businesses avoid accounting errors and fraud.
SOX Compliance is a requirement that presents a challenge for businesses because it takes up too much time and too many resources from a Finance team already stretched thin.

Current SOX Compliance tools are missing the mark because they are reactive. They detect past incidents and identify gaps long after they occur. Any incidents that happen will appear in reporting and by that point, it’s too late to do anything about them.

Before Trustmi

The Trustmi Way

Trustmi’s SOX Compliance solution changes the way businesses meet their compliance requirements, taking them from a reactive audit approach to a proactive preventive approach that enforces business controls in real-time and across the entire payment flow. Integrate compliance and SOX controls into every part of your payment flow, starting with the vendor onboarding process all the way through to the payment
  • Take a proactive approach and avoid gaps in your SOX reports.
  • Free up internal resources and reduce manual work through automation.
  • Streamline compliance requirements in your existing processes.
  • Simplify audit preparations with Trustmi’s robust reporting.
  • Enforce strict controls across your payment flow, avoid violations, and prove compliance.
Trustmi does all the heavy lifting to simplify your approach to SOX so that you can be confident you’re always fully compliant.

With Trustmi