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Customer Success Stories

“Trustmi provided transparency into our payment process to see where cyberattacks and errors were happening and full protection without changing our workflow."


Wayne Lawrence

VP, Global Applications – Finance

Wayne Lawrence
Wayne Lawrence

Wayne Lawrence

VP, Global Applications – Finance

Leading brands trust us to secure their payments seamlessly

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 Mahmood Khan

"Like many businesses today, we’ve experienced cyber attacks on our payments process, but we didn’t realize the extent to which we were at risk until we evaluated Trustmi. Now we’re confident we’ll be able to avoid future attacks with their platform."

Mahmood Khan   SVP & Global CISO, CNA Insurance

Eddie Borrero

"We are impressed with Trustmi’s approach to payment security and its seamless integration. What they are building can really revolutionize how the healthcare industry protects payments and eliminates fraud."

Eddie Borrero   CISO, Leading Healthcare Company

Assaf Rappaport

"The Trustmi team identified an important challenge for businesses everywhere to address. They’ve built the right product to solve the problems associated with payment security, which is why they stand out in the space."

Assaf Rappaport   Co-founder and CEO, Wiz

Curtis Simpson

"Shai and the Trustmi team have developed a unique product. They presented me with a full assessment of our process which showed us the immediate value the platform can deliver."

Curtis Simpson   CISO, Armis

Alex Schuchman

"The security assessment that the Trustmi team provided was comprehensive, and we received it in less than two week. They delivered strong detection and analytics capabilities as well as deep analysis of our Order to Cash process."

Alex Schuchman   CISO, Colgate-Palmolive

Tammy Moskites

"Trustmi isn't like other solutions in the space. Shai and the team has built a platform that combines their collective expertise in cybersecurity and finance to tackle one of the most prevalent problems today for businesses: B2B payment fraud. We have invested in them because we can see they’re a game-changer."

Tammy Moskites   CEO & Founder, CyAlliance and Trustmi Advisor

Wasif Khan

"During our first meeting with Shai and the Trustmi team we already saw the value of the solution. And when they conducted an analysis of our historical data, we were wowed by the results. Their week-long analysis uncovered various vulnerabilities in our payment process, and even helped us catch a fraud incident we wouldn’t have otherwise seen."

Wasif Khan    VP Cyber Security Operations, CNA Insurance

Mike Crow

"Trustmi has highly impressed me for 3 key reasons: First, they have provided a solution to detect risk of and prevent fraudulent B2B payments, an area that had not yet been completely solved for. Additionally, the solution is deployed, shows value and is supported with a low amount of friction. Finally, Trustmi has proven to be a trusted partner, developing capability with impressive speed."

Mike Crow   Retired CIO, Trustmi Advisor

Eynat Guez

"Trustmi has built a comprehensive solution that I haven’t seen before in the space. The platform is unique in that it uncovers errors and cyber-attacks as they occur, which confirms my confidence in recommending the solution."

Eynat Guez   Co-founder and CEO, Papaya Global

Karl Mattson

"Trustmi is tackling payments fraud with a simple and sophisticated platform, offering organizations a new, reliable line of defense that previously relied on manual, error-prone practices."

Karl Mattson   CISO, Noname Security

Diego Souza

"As a Chief Information Security Officer, I always prefer solutions that can integrate easily with internal systems and processes. I saw immediately that Trustmi’s product could do just that. Trustmi built a platform that can layer onto all kinds of tech without any friction, allowing teams to get up and running quickly."

Diego Souza   CISO, Cummins Inc.

Bob Schuetter

"Financial fraud is in the top two or three critical attack types for most companies. Payment security is one of the few areas that most companies have put in place only manual or human controls to offset that risk. Trustmi is one of the first companies to address the payment security gap head-on with automation."

Bob Schuetter   CISO, Ashland

Emily Heath

"Cyberstarts is invested in solving the world’s most important cybersecurity challenges, and we’re thrilled to fund a next-generation platform like Trustmi that can solve all the challenges around business payment security"

Emily Heath    General Partner, Cyberstarts, Trustmi Investor

Jeff Moore

"Payment fraud has become a steadily increasing problem that needs to be addressed by all businesses. Trustmi is unique in that it provides a platform that isn’t just a security product, but also a finance product to protect the organization, which is why I believe it’s the best solution for us"

Jeff Moore   CISO, Fortune 500 Company

Chen Amit

"There are significant challenges with protecting B2B payments and eliminating fraud and errors. I believe more companies need to start addressing this today, and I want to be part of Trustmi’s journey as the leading solution to help"

Chen Amit    CEO, Tipalti, Trustmi Advisor

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