Read about how duplicate payments are impacting AP teams, why they happen, and how to avoid them.

Trustmi’s platform

How It Works

Our flexible and modular platform offers finance and security teams the ability to use only the tools they need for securing their payment processes and managing their vendors.

How Trustmi's Platform Works
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A new approach
to payment security

Our platform protects the end-to-end business payment process from all threats, internal and external, across the entire payment flow making sure payments go to the right place seamlessly.

Powered by the latest breakthroughs in AI detecting abnormal payment activities, providing a clear risk for each object in the payment flow.

Your payment flow by removing manual overhead and cost across the entire flow from onboarding to approval and funds release

Self Learning Cycle

Detect abnormal activities indicating fraud, human error and processes violation as part of your payments flow

Prevent fraud from all attack vectors, and eliminate human errors in the payment process

Evolve from unsecure human manual validation to AI automated secure payments

Self Learning Cycle

Our product modules

  • Gives teams transparency across the payment process.

  • Uncovers vulnerabilities across your workflow, detects suspicious signals, and secures your payments.

  • Folds easily into your current process providing automation and reducing manual work.

  • Navigate and comply with SOX regulations effortlessly.

  • Simplify audit preparations and reduce manual work through automation.

  • Establish financial reporting standards, protect data, monitor attempted breaches, avoid violations and prove compliance.

  • Free up internal resources from spending time on SOX compliance.

  • Enable your vendors to onboard onto the Trustmi platform and Trust Network.

  • Safe and secure process for vendors to enter sensitive banking details and tax information.

  • Capture answers to security questions to ensure the vendor meets security requirements.

  • Manage vendors in one central place.

  • Update vendor information and manage profile changes and updates.

  • Configure and manage access levels, vendor payments and timing for payment cycles.

  • Offboard and remove vendors.

  • Secure payments for insurance claims and reimbursements.

  • Ensure the right claimant is paid the right amount.

  • Gain transparency into the approval and payment workflow for claims.

  • Manage claims and claimants in one central location to eliminate fraud and errors.

Our product modules

Our solution by team

Finance Teams

  • Full payment process visibility from vendor onboarding to payments release

  • Modern and automated Payment cycle approval flow

  • Finance process automation removes manual effort in vendor creation and change processes

  • Validate financial documents and payment details with Trustmi AI and Trust network

Financial Payment Dashboard

Security Teams

  • Supply chain visibility with a Security risk score for each vendor

  • Real-time risk assessment on all the organization payments

  • Integral vendor onboarding process with security at its core

  • Identify insider threat and fraud actors within the organization

Trustmi Real-Time Security Dashboard

“The Trustmi team identified an important challenge for businesses everywhere to address. They’ve built the right product to solve the problems associated with payment security, which is why they stand out in the space.”

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“There are significant challenges with protecting B2B payments and eliminating fraud and errors. I believe more companies need to start addressing this today, and I want to be part of Trustmi’s journey as the leading solution to help.”

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“Cyberstarts is invested in solving the world’s most important cybersecurity challenges, and we’re thrilled to fund a next-generation platform like Trustmi that can solve all the challenges around business payment security.”

Emily Heath

“Payment fraud has become a steadily increasing problem that needs to be addressed by all businesses. Trustmi is unique in that it provides a platform that isn’t just a security product, but also a finance product to protect the organization, which is why I believe it’s the best solution for us.”

Jeff Moore

“The security assessment that the Trustmi team provided was comprehensive, and we received it in less than two weeks. They delivered strong detection and analytics capabilities as well as a deep analysis of our Order to Cash process.”

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