Exclusive offer
for RH-ISAC members

RH-ISAC members are eligible for a free two-year back analysis to identify potential fraud and human errors.
Our core AI engine will build a strong baseline based on the information about your vendors and payments from the last 2 years. During the baseline process, an analysis will be performed to detect fraud and abnormal activities while maintaining a low footprint and minimal to no involvement from your organization.
What’s in it for RH-ISAC members:
Global Visibility
  • Across-the-board payment-related monitored mailboxes
  • Transactions value
  • Global list of suppliers
  • Global view of transaction approval status
  • Transactions validity verdict
  • Vendor validity verdict
  • Financial process validation
  • Risky change of bank accounts
  • Mitigation of past fraud attempts
  • Double invoice payment
  • Dollar amount saved in fraud