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How To Buy Treasury Tech: The 2023 Strategic Treasurer Analyst Report

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How To Buy Treasury Tech: The 2023 Strategic Treasurer Analyst Report
How To Buy Treasury Tech: The 2023 Strategic Treasurer Analyst Report

The 2023 Treasury Technology Analyst Report is published and available!  Developed by Strategic Treasurer, this publication serves as an authoritative resource aimed to help Treasury practitioners explore how technology and digitization can align with treasury needs to enable the function’s success.  

What’s In The Report

This report is designed to provide helpful guidance to Treasury professionals so that they can increase their familiarity and proficiency with new technologies. Beyond simply demystifying buzzwords like AI, ML, API, BI, and other tech terms, the report provides a deep dive into the current Treasury tech landscape and the future of Treasury tech. The report also provides helpful advice on how to buy Treasury tech, from building a business case internally to selecting the right solution and ensuring a smooth implementation.

The treasury function at enterprise businesses is changing, prompted in large part by shifts in the economy, the regulatory environment, management expectations, and other factors that add to the many challenges and responsibilities involved in this discipline. Changing geo-political tensions and economic factors are putting pressure on treasury departments. With too many resources and to much time spent on manual, error-prone processes, treasury teams cannot move quickly enough to provide the analysis needed to navigate the current global conditions.  

Luckily, emerging technologies, like Trustmi’s platform, are on the scene helping treasury teams lower their margins and increase their efficiency. These tools free up a lot of time that treasurers can use to execute more strategic and advisory responsibilities that meet growing corporate expectations. Additionally, treasury processes require precision and accuracy beyond reproach to manage financial risk for a company—tasks that must must also be performed quickly. Achieving the necessary level of speed and accuracy to execute the work can only be done by leveraging technologies that meet the very specific needs for each area treasury teams manage.  

How Trustmi Fits In

Trustmi is included in the 2023 Strategic Treasurer Analyst Report in the category of Treasury & Risk Management Systems (TRMS). This includes solutions that are designed to provide value to Treasury teams in numerous ways, from streamlining workflows and daily tasks to centralizing data and providing security and control to prevent business payment fraud.  More specifically for us, the report outlines the ways in which a TRMS can help guard sensitive financial data and the ability to make payments. Some of these ways include having built-in controls, reducing manual effort, providing greater visibility within processes, detecting anomalies, and other factors to ensure that the Treasury team can keep their workflows and tasks secure. And this is exactly what the Trustmi platform does.  And so, the final pages of the report provide a deep dive into our solution, outlining the benefits for finance teams and treasurers, along with detail on our core product and modules.  

Read the report today and learn how Trustmi can fit into the Treasury tech stack and help companies protect their bottom line.